Spigen Mag Fit Designed for MagSafe Charger Pad Case

Tk. 1,490

Hold down the fort. The Mag Fit transforms the MagSafe Charger into a stable charging station without the need of removing it yourself when it’s done. The base is lined with Nanotac Technology, an innovative non-stick foam designed to stay on any flat surface without the sticky residue. Make charging easier.


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Brand New Original Product


Apple MagSafe Charger

Not compatible with ArcField Charging Pad



● Stable but non-stick base lined with Nanotac Technology

● Soft finish that leaves the phone absolutely clean and blemish-free

● Minimal and timeless design that suits every desktop or nightstand

● Lightweight and made to fit on the MagSafe Charger like a glove

● Designed to stay compatible with Apple’s MagSafe Charger