Belkin USB-A to Lightning Cable Braided Silicone

Tk. 2,490

Add durability and flexibility to your charging cable. BOOST↑CHARGE™ PRO Flex silicone cables have a double braided exterior, making them up to 30X more durable*. Includes a magnetic cable management system.


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Advanced Strength and Flexibility

Our BOOST↑CHARGE PRO Flex braided silicone cables adds durability and flexibility to your charge. They are up to 30X more durable* than ordinary cables, giving you a long-lasting charging solution that doesn’t get frayed and tangled. Includes a magnetic cable management system for added convenience. Available in 1M, 2M, and 3M lengths and in four colors**.

Up to 30X More Durable

Get up to 30X more durability* than ordinary cables. BOOST↑CHARGE PRO Flex silicone cables are engineered with a double braided nylon exterior, giving you a long-lasting charging solution that resists fraying and kinking.


Our BOOST↑CHARGE PRO Flex USB-A Cable to Lightning Connector is MFi-certified, which means it’s been specifically designed to safely connect to iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices.


Our enhanced cables are designed with silicone technology inside of its double-braided exterior, giving you flexibility, tangle-resistance, and a cable that doesn’t kink.

Magnetic Cable Management System

Easy to store and mount in any environment with the included cable strap with magnetic button plus adhesive metal plate.

Multiple Lengths

BOOST↑CHARGE PRO Flex cables are available in three convenient lengths. Charge from anywhere with 1M, 2M, and 3M options.