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Best Deals on Vivo Mobiles Price in Bangladesh

Founded in 2009, ViVo is a popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer company. It is owned by BBK Electronics, the tech giant that also owns popular smartphone brands like Oppo, OnePlus, Realme, and IQOO.

Vivo started its journey in Bangladesh with the launch of the V7+ smartphone. Soon it gained huge popularity among the locals because of its polished design and excellent camera performance.

Overview of Vivo Smartphones in Bangladesh

Vivo is the third-largest smartphone brand in Bangladesh with a market share of 11.78%. Previously it only focused on making budget-friendly devices. However, recently Vivo is upping its game and also offering premium smartphones in the Flagship range.

Vivo mobile phone lineups mainly consist of four categories - X series, V series, T series, and Y series. Let's delve deeper into each of these categories to gain a better understanding.

Ultra-Premium Vivo X Series 

Vivo X Series represents the flagship and higher-end devices. These phones are equipped with powerful processors, high-resolution cameras, stunning displays, and all the latest features. The prime example of this series is X90 Pro 5G and X90 5G.

Midrange Vivo V Series

Then we have the midrange V Series. These devices come with mid-range processors, stylish designs, excellent cameras, and awesome battery life. Some of the popular V Series smartphones are V27 pro, V27and V27e.

Performance Oriented Vivo T Series

The T series or the Turbo series of Vivo offers snappy performance, a higher refresh rate, and lightning-fast charging. The T2 and the T2X are the prime examples of this.

These devices are ideal for gamers who want performance without breaking the bank.

Affordable Vivo Y Series

Vivo also offers excellent affordable smartphones. Its Y series is highly popular among budget smartphone lovers. Y02, Y02s, Y16, etc are some of the most demanding affordable smartphones. These devices come with big displays and large batteries for continuous entertainment.

Special Features Exclusive to Vivo Smartphones

Vivo smartphones have special features that are unique to the brand. For example, the vivo ZEISS co-engineered imaging system, Super FlashCharge 120W technology, and Funtouch OS 13. 

These features enhance mobile photography, provide ultra-fast charging, and offer a personalized and secure user experience.

Vivo ZEISS Co-Engineered Imaging System

The vivo ZEISS co-engineered imaging system is a collaboration between vivo and ZEISS. It includes features like gimbal stabilization, extreme night vision, and pixel shift ultra HD imaging technology, which enhances accuracy in colors, details, and zoom sharpness. 

This system enables users to capture stunning photos and videos even in low-light scenarios, resulting in a premium mobile photography experience.

Extended RAM

Virtual RAM or Extended RAM is a technology introduced by vivo that allows a smartphone to use a portion of its internal storage as additional memory, improving performance and preventing slow loading times. 

It works by using a technique called virtual memory, which moves inactive apps into extended RAM space, similar to how it works on a PC.

Super FlashCharge

Vivo's Super FlashCharge 120W is an ultra-fast-charging technology for smartphones that claims to fully charge a 4,000mAh phone battery in just 13 minutes. 

It has the potential to significantly reduce charging times for users, making it a game-changer for the mobile industry. 
Funtouch OS 13.

Funtouch OS 13 from vivo offers more personalization options, privacy-focused features, an updated system manager, an air quality index card, an improved video editor, and accessibility enhancements.

Available Vivo Mobile Phones at Gadget & Gear

Gadget & Gear is the most trusted Apple Authorised and Multi Brand retail chain in Bangladesh. We offer various vivo smartphones at competitive prices and with an official warranty.

We have entry-level options like vivo Y01, vivo Y02, vivo Y02A, and vivo Y16. You can also buy the vivo Y22 and vivo Y22s if you are looking for excellent mid-range devices. 

However, if your budget is a bit high we highly recommend the vivo V25e, vivo V27e, or the vivo V25 5G. These devices are great all-rounders without any major flaws.

Wrapping Up

Vivo is a popular smartphone brand in Bangladesh, offering a range of devices across different categories like the X, V, T, and Y series. 

Vivo smartphones come with unique features such as the vivo ZEISS co-engineered imaging system, Super FlashCharge 120W technology, and Funtouch OS 13. 

Gadget & Gear is a trusted destination for buying Vivo smartphones in Bangladesh, offering competitive prices and an official warranty.