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Latest Nokia Phone Price in Bangladesh: Great Deals!

Nokia has a long history in the phone industry. There was a time when people went crazy about Nokia phones. But in the smartphone era, Nokia faced serious competition and lost track. 

However, they came back strongly with a straightforward goal. Make durable and valuable feature phones and Android smartphones for general people. It's working really well for them.

Recent Nokia Phone Models

Currently, Nokia makes both Android smartphones and feature phones. Its Android smartphones are available in various ranges, including entry-level, mid-range, and upper-mid-range.

On the other hand, its feature phone looks classy and brings back old memories. But these phones also have modern and innovative features. These phones will be perfect for secondary handsets for calling purposes.

Android Smartphones

Nokia has a quite long list of Android Smartphones. Their most affordable one is called Nokia C100 which comes with all the essential features. Some more affordable options are Nokia C110, Nokia C200, Nokia C300, and Nokia G100.

In the mid-range segment, Nokia offers phones like Nokia G50 and G400. These phones support 5G and come with well-rounded specs enough for most people.

But for people who want some extras in their phones, Nokia has an option like Nokia XR21. It has advanced features like Military grade protection, IP rating, 120Hz screen, 64MP AI Camera, and many more.

Feature Phone

We find it really amusing that Nokia is still making feature phones. There are still people who don't want extra functionality but the main feature like calling on their phone. For a retro look, Nokia has models like Nokia 225 and 6300. Both these phones feature 4G. Nokia also has classic flip phones like Nokia 2720, 2760, and 2780.

Features That Make Nokia Phones Still Compelling

There are many features Nokia offers that make them a great buy. Nokia phones are highly durable. Some of the phones have military-grade protection. They are also affordable, have a classic and elegant look, and are mostly the clean stock Android.

Highly Durable: Nokia has always been known for its durability and longevity. This hasn't changed a bit in 2023. Still, their phones are built like tanks and last forever. Some Nokia phones are also military tested and have an IP rating.

Classic Design: Most people buy Nokia phones because of their classic timeless design. They are comfortable to hold in the hand and look stunning.

Clean Software: Nokia phones come with clean stock Android with almost no bloatware. Because of this, the user experience is highly satisfying. 

Affordable Price: Nokia phones are affordable. You don't have to spend so much money to find an excellent Nokia phone. Most of their phones are great all-rounders and that's what makes them a great value for money. 

Nokia in Bangladesh

Like many other countries in the world, Nokia has a huge fan following in Bangladesh too. People in Bangladesh still use both Nokia Smartphones and Feature Phones for their daily use. They find Nokia phones highly attractive and affordable.

Some of the Nokia phones that got popular in Bangladesh are Nokia 2, Nokia 3, Nokia G10, Nokia 110, Nokia 2720 Flip, Nokia 5310 (2020), Nokia 105 (2017), Nokia 110 4G, Nokia 225 4G and so on.