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Latest iPhone Price in Bangladesh: An In-depth Guide to Choose The Best iPhone for You!

First iPhone was released back in 2007. Soon after its launch, the iPhone became very popular among users worldwide. Bangladesh is also no exception. Most people in Bangladesh prefer using iPhones to Android.

If you want to buy an iPhone in Bangladesh, you have come to the right place. Because in this article, we will explain what is so special about iPhone, iPhone's current lineup, and where you can find the latest iPhone models at the best price in Bangladesh.

Features that make iPhones so special among their users

iPhones are unique because of their sleek design, durable build quality, top-notch performance, and great cameras. They are easy to use and come with five years of software support. As a result, they last for many years.

Design and build quality

The design is the first thing that makes people buy a product. Apple has always prioritized making its iPhone sleek and appealing to people. When the first generation iPhone was launched, it was ahead of its time.

iPhones always look great and feel premium in hand. Their build quality is also superb and lasts for years.

Top-notch performance

iPhones are always known for their top-notch and reliable performance. They feel smooth no matter what you do - be it your daily chores or resource-intensive tasks like gaming and video editing.

Excellent cameras with outstanding video

Out-of-the-box iPhone has excellent cameras that take sharp and vibrant images in any situation. Their camera app is friendly and pretty easy to use. Yet you get exceptional results.

Aside from that, iPhones have always had strong video recording capabilities. Hands down, you will get the best video footage from an iPhone.

Reliable battery life

In the past, iPhones struggled with battery life. But recently, Apple was able to fix this problem. iPhone 13 Pro Max had the best battery life of any smartphone. You can easily get two days of battery life from that device.

Apple’s brand-new iPhone 14 Pro Max is also no exception. It provides even more battery backup than its predecessor.

Ease of use

Apple iPhones are pretty straightforward to use compared to other smartphones, as their operating system and basic setup have remained the same throughout the years. Overall, there is a little learning curve when using an iPhone.

Clean software without any bloatware

Clean software can enhance your experience of using a smartphone. One significant advantage of getting an iPhone is that you will get clean software without any useless third-party apps.

Long-term software support

Apple is the only brand to support its phones for up to six years after the initial release. For example, iPhone 7 was released in September 2016 and got software updates till October 2022. This ensures the longevity of the iPhone. This is why people buy iPhones over other smartphones.

Apple ecosystem

Aside from iPhones, Apple also makes devices and accessories like iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Apple always makes sure all devices and accessories seamlessly work together with each other. This makes sharing and accessing files from one device to another much more effortless.

Current iPhone lineup from Apple

The Present iPhone lineup from Apple consists of four models: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. All these models were launched in September 2022 and introduced attractive new features.

iPhone 14

iPhone 14 is the most affordable in the current iPhone 14 model lineup. It has a 6.1-inch display, perfect for people who love compact yet powerful smartphones.

Under the hood, it features a super-fast Apple A15 Bionic chip. It’s the same processor used in iPhone 13 Pro Max.

  1. Sleek, super compact, and lightweight.
  2. Ultra-fast processor perfect for gaming and multitasking.
  3. Improved camera with better low-light performance.

iPhone 14 Plus

With iPhone 14 Plus, Apple has revived its much-loved Plus model iPhone. iPhone 14 Plus is perfect for people who love big-screen smartphones yet don’t wanna compromise on battery life.

  1. Large 6.7-inch screen perfect for viewing content.
  2. Excellent battery life, ideal for heavy users.
  3. Same impressive camera performance as iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro brings all its bigger brother's latest and greatest features in a compact body and affordable price. It’s got a super bright and ultra-responsive 6.1-inch 120Hz display, a 48MP triple camera system, and the brand-new Apple A16 bionic processor.

  1. Compact yet ultra-powerful.
  2. Super bright and high refresh-rate screen.
  3. High-resolution triple camera system perfect for professional photography.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most high-end option in the current iPhone 14 lineup. It has a big, bright display with features like a 120Hz screen and an always-on display.

Under the hood, this device packs Apple's most powerful chipset, a pro-grade camera system, and a huge battery.

  1. Best display and camera in an iPhone ever.
  2. Fastest Apple processor with plenty of storage options.
  3. Massive battery life that easily lasts for two days.

Which iPhone is best to buy in 2023?

It depends on your personal preferences. So think about what you prefer in an iPhone. If you love compact and small iPhones, then iPhone 14 or 14 Pro will be perfect for you.

But if you prefer big iPhones with larger screens, then iPhone 14 Plus or iPhone 14 Pro Max will be ideal for you.

Available iPhones at Gadget & Gear with updated price

Consider a reliable tech shop if you plan to buy a new iPhone. Gadget & Gear is undoubtedly Bangladesh's most trusted Apple-authorized reseller, with top-notch service.

We have the newest Apple iPhone 14 series available in multiple colors. All these models come with 6GB RAM. The storage options for these devices are either 128GB or 256GB.

Aside from that, we also have the iPhone 11 which can be a great option for people looking for an excellent device within a budget.

With each iPhone, you will get one year Apple Official Warranty for both local and international. We also provide exclusive discounts and EMI facilities on different banks.

If you want to buy any of these iPhones, here is an updated price list of all the iPhone models available at Gadget & Gear -

  1. iPhone 14 Pro Max -
  2. iPhone 14 Pro -
  3. iPhone 14 -
  4. iPhone 11 -

Frequently Asked Question's

Can you buy iPhones in installments?

Answer: You can buy Apple's official iPhone in installments from Gadget & Gear. We offer up to 24 months of EMI on different banks.

Do Gadget & Gear provide a warranty for iPhones?

Answer: Gadget & Gear is one of the most trusted authorized resellers of iPhones in Bangladesh. We provide one year of Apple official warranty for all iPhones.

Which iPhone is best at a low price?

Answer: In the current Apple iPhone lineup, iPhone 13 is the best at a low price. However, if you want to get the latest model, then the iPhone 14 is best at a low price.

How big is the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Answer: The iPhone 14 Pro Max is a big smartphone. Its width, height, and depth are 3.05, 6.33, and 0.31 inches. The screen size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is 6.7 inches.

Which is the best iPhone from Apple?

Answer: iPhone 14 Pro Max is the best iPhone currently from Apple. This device is phenomenal in terms of design, display, camera, performance, and battery.

Which is the latest iPhone model?

Answer: iPhone 14 series is the latest iPhone model. It consists of a total of four models, including the entry-level iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus and the higher-end iPhone 14 and Pro iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Are iPhones better than Android?

Answer: iPhones are better than Android when we talk about performance, reliability and software support. But Android is better in terms of customization as it gives users more freedom.