Chasing Dory underwater drone

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The most affordable and portable underwater drone
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Chasing Dory


Everyday Underwater Exploration


DORY Invites You to Explore The Underwater World

Our expert underwater drone operators recommend you use DORY in calm waters. Try to stay away from swift

currents and waters with heavy surges.

The DORY’S Wi-Fi Buoy connects wirelessly to your mobile device or table for up to 50 ft away.

The buoy connects to the drone through the 50 ft tether that is included allowing you plenty of freedom to explore.

Imagine Holding the Ocean in the Palm of Your Hand

Smaller than a standard sheet of paper, DORY can fit into a backpack and be easily transported wherever you want to use it.

DORY is 56% lighter and 65% smaller than it’s big brother,GLADIUS MINI.




Light It Up

DORY's 1080p f/1.6 camera opens up a whole new world of exploration.

Now you can see what most cannot.