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iPhone Price in Bangladesh (Updated)

Today's technological world makes it virtually difficult to go a day without a cell phone. Therefore, you must consider your precise needs when selecting the gadget.

Between iOS and Android, iPhone has consistently captured customers' attention with its incredible capabilities. Apple is unquestionably the company to select if you want a speedier, more streamlined surfing experience with longer battery life and all the most recent features.

Finding a genuine Apple iPhone in Bangladesh, meanwhile, can occasionally be challenging. Gadget & Gear is the Authorized iPhone reseller in Bangladesh, offering all genuine Apple products at competitive prices.

You will also receive a 12-month Apple official warranty for both Bangladesh and International. You should take advantage of the incredible Apple product deals offered by Gadget & Gear.

Gadget & Gear has over 25 outlets throughout the city of Dhaka. So, if you choose not to order online, you can also go in person. As a result, you won't ever be concerned about the device's validity.

Available iPhone in Bangladesh at Gadget and Gear

  1. iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB
  2. iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB
  3. iPhone 14 Pro 256GB
  4. iPhone 14 Pro 128GB
  5. iPhone 14 256GB
  6. iPhone 14 128GB
  7. iPhone 11

Frequently Asked Question's About the iPhone

Is iPhone better than the Android?

Answer: iPhone has the most incredible faster and smoother performance than any other phone which makes iPhone the first choice for any consumer.

Why do people choose iPhone?

Answer: iOS is super easy and straightforward to use. It is more user-friendly than Android which makes it comfortable. The quick access to all their application makes this a huge fan-favorite mobile phone.

What is the best iPhone to buy?

Answer: Since the first generation of the iPhone, Apple has released a new model every year. Although an upgraded iPhone is usually a good idea, going with one of the older versions is also not terrible. All you have to do is stay current with the latest iPhone models.

Does overcharging an iPhone battery damage it?

Answer: If you overcharge your iPhone every night, the battery will surely damage. But sometimes overcharging will not be a problem. Normally the built-in lithium-ion battery of the iPhone does not need a long time to charge.

What is the color of the iPhone?

Answer: Each year, different iPhone models come in different colors. Say, iPhone 12 came in Blue, Purple, Product Red, Green, White, and Black. Where iPhone 13 comes in Graphite, Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue, and Alpine Green.

And now it's time for iPhone 14 which comes in Midnight, Purple, Starlight, (PRODUCT) RED and Blue.

Is the official iPhone available in Bangladesh?

Answer: Yes, the official iPhone is available in Bangladesh. You can find it on Gadget & Gear as they are the Apple Authorized Reseller in Bangladesh. You will get 12 months Apple official warranty for both Bangladesh and internationally.

What cool things one can do with an iPhone?

Answer: The iPhone has some incredible features that other phones lack. The camera is the most fantastic thing. You can take gorgeous iPhone photographs that rival those from a DSLR. Siri will then be available to assist you.

The brand-new iPhone 14 has a brand-new capability called automobile crash detection. So simply explore every one of the iPhone's incredible features.

Is the iPhone camera really good?

Answer: All the iPhone models come with an enticing camera that helps you click stunning photos. Recently iPhone 14 series came with a 48 MP main camera which is good enough to capture dynamic range.

How long does an iPhone battery last?

Answer: If you take good care of your phone and never overcharge it, you will get the best battery backup with your iPhone.

Does iPhone have 8GB RAM?

Answer: Yes, iPhone 13 Pro comes with 8GB RAM which gives you a smooth browsing experience. 

How much storage is on an iPhone?

Answer: You will get from 64 GB to 1 TB storage on an iPhone depending on the model. But normally 256 GB is enough to store your data, photos, and videos.